[Coco] Cloud-9's participation in Rainbow scan project

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Thu Jun 9 15:22:01 EDT 2005

Are there any other groups or persons that are interested in being
responsible for the distribution of the product?  Any parties taking on
this responsibility will need to enter into a legal licensure agreement
with Lonnie Falk.  I have been emailing him in regards to the details of
this and I will provide a more detailed update as I have more details.  I
have not included the list on the emails only to save traffic on the list,
but if that was a mistake please let me know and I will forward the emails
to the list.

Michael Harwood

> Michael,
> After discussing it with Mark on the phone, we've decided that
> Cloud-9 won't be participating in this project at any level because
> of the lack of time, as well as our SuperBoard commitment.  Sorry.
> Boisy
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