[Coco] RE: Rainbow magazines]

Rswoger at aol.com Rswoger at aol.com
Wed Jun 8 16:10:19 EDT 2005

>From Bob
You guys are right. I just tried to OCR a JPG and a GIF. Many mistakes. I  
tried PNG and TIFF as suggested also available as saves from paint. PNGs were  
better and TIFF were even better yet. Thanks, guys, for bringing that to my  
I believe that obtaining program listings using OCR would be a real PLUS.  
Remember all that typing we used to do?
I for one hate PDF files because of their size and the requirement for a  
reader which is also large and slow. As you see on my web site, I like something  
small and fast like I give you all when you read the newsletters. 

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