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Roger Merchberger zmerch at 30below.com
Wed Jun 8 15:00:46 EDT 2005

Rumor has it that Rswoger at aol.com may have mentioned these words:
>I would suggest JPGs of each page. Consider how you all read the CoCo~123
>newsletter on the Glenside Web Site. The files are small, you cam OCR then,

No, no you cannot! JPG was designed for continuous tone pictures -- not 
high-contrast text. OCR is at best *extremely difficult* to perform on 
JPGged files, usually much closer to impossible.

Honestly, I'm all for the Rainbow on CD idea - and would happily purchase a 
set if it's of good quality. If the images were JPGged, I would _not_ be 

>  you
>click on one page to see the next. Once you scan a page and see it on your
>screen, just press your Print screen key - paste into MSPaint and save as a

There are a lot of applications that work well with auto-sheetfed scanners, 
Acrobat being one of them; and they have the option of using lossless 
compression for the saved pages, so they can be disassembled, converted 
back to a bitmap and OCR'd later if you chose to.

Believe you me, MS Paint is *not* one of these applications which would 
work well for this task.

There was just a *huge* discussion about this on the Classic Computers 
mailing list - you might want to check out the archives at www.classiccmp.org.

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