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IIRC, he used a Tandy 1000 for the typesetting:  he explained it in a
print#-2 column, but the overall gist was that Falsoft used Cocos for most
of it, but the "final assembly" was done on a DOS PC.


PS:  If someone wants to do the work, I have a complete set of Rainbows
(many falling apart already) which I am willing to donate to the cause.  I'm
assuming the hardest part will be the newspaper formats at the end of the
run, but what do I know?  Little 'r' me if you are willing to sign up for
the scanning work, and I'll pay to ship the magazines your way.  FWIW, it
may be easier to start this process with Hot Coco in order to learn what
works, what doesn't, and figure out how long it would take to scan all the

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When was PageMaker ported to Windows? To some degree I think Windows
gui was brought up to speed with the Mac to support PageMaker.

In any event, I'd guess it was a combination of several different
systems ending up finally in the hands of photocompositors. So what
exists if anything would be a hodgepodge of different formats. After
all the earliest copies were "typeset" on a dot matrix line printer,
so we know the tech evolved over time...

-- John.

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