[Coco] [Color Computer] Creating a DSK file on a real coco..

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Tue Dec 27 07:09:39 EST 2005

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>I don't know why you are having trouble so I decided to test the method on 
>my system. I slightly modified the basic09 program to make it run as fast 
>as possible. That was done by grabbing one track at a time rather than one 
>sector. The program was also PACKed so that it ran with runB, faster than 
>the original in Basic09.
> Note that the program asks for an acceptable MESS extension and 
> automatically adds @ to the originating drive name.
> The program was run on a hard drive system and the image file was checked 
> with ded. The image was an exact duplicate of the disk (double sided 40 
> track). The file was transfered to my PC using OSTerm and HyperTerminal. 
> Average baud was 10100 and the transfer took about 6 minutes. The 
> resulting file was an exact duplicate of the original and booted using 

Yep! That one worked! I copied my coco's boot disk(720K 3.5) to an image and 
it booted in mess. But I neglected to remember that this used ddh0.dd and of 
course, it didn't really work once os9 began looking for the hd. DOH!
 So started over with a boot I use on a floppy coco(720K 3.5). vimage got 
part way through and errors out with a 203. Bytecount A200
 I tried an original os9 L2 disk(backed up to a 3.5 ss35trk) and same error. 
Byte count 1200

 dcheck shows no errors(for what that's worth) Both disks boot and work 

 Any ideas?


> Here is the basic09 program.
> PROCEDURE vimage
> DIM inpath,outpath,ext:BYTE
> DIM track(4608):BYTE
> DIM vfile,drive:STRING[30]
> INPUT "Emulator image name; no extension: ",vfile
> INPUT "Select extension; 1=.dsk, 2=.os9: ",ext
> UNTIL ext=1 OR ext=2
> IF ext=1 THEN
> vfile=vfile+".dsk"
> vfile=vfile+".os9"
> INPUT "Disk to copy; ex. /d0: ",drive
> drive=drive+"@"
> CREATE #outpath,vfile:WRITE
> OPEN #inpath,drive:READ
> GET #inpath,track
> PUT #outpath,track
> UNTIL EOF(#inpath)
> CLOSE #inpath,#outpath
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