[Coco] Re: OS9 LV1 question

Bob Devries bdevries at gil.com.au
Thu Dec 22 01:29:26 EST 2005

Indeed they are, Gene.
The syntax in Basic09 is:

RUN GFX2([path,]"CURON")
RUN GFX2([path,]"CUROFF")

See pages 9-71 and 9-72 of the Basic09 manual.
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> On Thursday 22 December 2005 00:53, tim lindner wrote:
>>Bob Devries <bdevries at gil.com.au> wrote:
>>> In the C library that is included with MultiView, there are the
>>> routines CurOn(path) and CurOff(path). The library is called
>>> CGFX.L, and has been thoroughly reworked by various members of the
>>> coco community.
>>> See page 10-26 of the multiview manual.
>>Ahh. I see. That library is next. :)
> I could be mistaken, but I believe that function is also available in
> Basic09.
>>tim lindner
>>tlindner at ix.netcom.com
>> Bright
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