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My first exposure to Python was not a seller. It took me 2-3 tries of 
spending time with it before I took off running with it, and I've 
been programming for
20 some years.

I maintain a VB app where I work, but worked mostly in C up to that point.
Microsoft has someone developing a Python interface for the .NET 
common language runtime. Actually, it's not just someone. This is the 
same guy wrote Jython, which is Python written in Java. So they are 
even serious about using it.

This is a rather comical look at C++ . http://tcapp.com/pub/C++/
While it's not a real interview with Stroustrop, I tend to agree with 
several points.

There are many languages, all with their own strengths & weaknesses, 
but Python is the first language makes it feel like fun when I program.
(although, it has a few things which really tick me off too)

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