[coco] OT: Re: Toastscans are coming back !!

RJRTTY at aol.com RJRTTY at aol.com
Fri Dec 2 23:10:37 EST 2005

All you coco people who are also amiga people take note:
>As you probably already know, the Toastscan works with all Amiga  software 
and Amiga OS >and allows any Amiga model to fully display in all  possible 
resolution modes with a normal, >low cost,  PC monitor. It  allows the user to 
replace worn out or damaged Amiga monitors >with a larger,  better resolution 
display. In many cases, the Toastscan is the only way an  >Amiga user whose Amiga 
brand monitor has failed can use their Amiga since  Amiga >monitors are long 
since discontinued. The Toastscan design also allows  the popular Video 
>Toaster and Video Flyer boards to display on a PC monitor,  which is a feature most 
Scan >Doubler/flicker fixer boards do not  allow. 

>We do have a long waiting list and the units may  be pre-sold before they 
arrive so we ask >that you reply as soon as possible.  The price has went up 
slightly since our last batch >however we will keep the  same $ 144.95 price for 
your  order.


>Joe Muoio
>Software Hut  Inc.
>P. 610-793-1683
>_www.softhut.com_ (http://www.softhut.com) 

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