[Coco] Re: Coco Digest, Vol 27, Issue 2

Basil Fitze basilf at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 2 13:21:57 EST 2005


I have wanted to make a Coco PC, but I am waiting for a Superboard from 
Cloud9 before I continue.  However I won a Tandy 1000 HX and I want to 
remove the guts of the HX and put in a Coco 3 and look for small 
Circuits boards for the floppy and hard drive controller anyone have any 
ideas where to look.  I looked at this device on Ebay and it looked like 
it could of been a Coco 4 if Tandy had gone on with the Coco support.  I 
am sure this is way to do this maybe even using the Circuits on the HX.  
Also anyone know where I can get memory upgrades for the HX if my idea 
dosn't pan out I may use a emulator instead either way its to bad that 
Tandy didn't do more. 

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