[Coco] Finally succeeding in backing up my old coco collection!

Stephen Blunt sblunt at agsecorp.com
Wed Jun 23 11:19:30 EDT 2004

Thanks for the advise of the "sticking" discs. I will have a look tonight to
see if the helps any of them. It appears that any error that does come up is
always the first sector of the track. I have a feeling that most of the
damage to these disks is from magnetic sources (bad storage location).

I have been using the RETRIEVE utility (Written by Jeff Vavasour I believe).
Do you know if there is anything else out there to make images of coco disks?

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> Stephen Blunt wrote:
> > It has only been about 15 years but I have finally managed 
> to backup 
> > all my old coco tapes. I have a lot that were distributed 
> by Computer 
> > Hut in Queensland, Australia and I haven't seen copies of 
> them on the 
> > internet or even in the old Tandy catalog.
> > 
> > The only loss so far have been the tapes that I created 
> from typed in 
> > programs from the good old magazines.
> > 
> > My disks seem to have suffered quite a lot from bit rot but 
> I managed 
> > to get most of what I wanted. The only exception is of 
> course Sands of 
> > Egypt as is copy protected, but I might try the 
> FD-501-drive-in-a-pc 
> > trick along with Anadisk. I doubt it will work but it is my 
> only hope 
> > of preserving it.
> > 
> > Suggestions and encouragement is most welcome
> > 
> > Stephen Blunt
> > 
> Most disk problems are not "bit rot" but sleeve problems. In 
> many cases, 
> too many disks are squashed together causing the sleeve edges to 
> compress. This creates excessive friction within the sleeve. In some 
> cases, the disk won't even turn.
> This problem can usually be solved by breaking the plastic spot welds 
> around the edges of the sleeve and bending out the plastic so 
> that the 
> sleeve is loosened. The disk will spin at the correct speed 
> and usually 
> is back to normal.
> As for Sands of Egypt, check out the data on my site 
> http://home.att.net/~robert.gault/Coco/FAQ/Sands_help.htm
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