[Coco] Finally succeeding in backing up my old coco collection!

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jun 22 23:08:39 EDT 2004

Stephen Blunt wrote:
> It has only been about 15 years but I have finally managed to backup all my
> old coco tapes. I have a lot that were distributed by Computer Hut in
> Queensland, Australia and I haven't seen copies of them on the internet or
> even in the old Tandy catalog.
> The only loss so far have been the tapes that I created from typed in
> programs from the good old magazines.
> My disks seem to have suffered quite a lot from bit rot but I managed to get
> most of what I wanted. The only exception is of course Sands of Egypt as is
> copy protected, but I might try the FD-501-drive-in-a-pc trick along with
> Anadisk. I doubt it will work but it is my only hope of preserving it.
> Suggestions and encouragement is most welcome
> Stephen Blunt

Most disk problems are not "bit rot" but sleeve problems. In many cases, 
too many disks are squashed together causing the sleeve edges to 
compress. This creates excessive friction within the sleeve. In some 
cases, the disk won't even turn.

This problem can usually be solved by breaking the plastic spot welds 
around the edges of the sleeve and bending out the plastic so that the 
sleeve is loosened. The disk will spin at the correct speed and usually 
is back to normal.

As for Sands of Egypt, check out the data on my site

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