[Coco] Finally succeeding in backing up my old coco collection!

Stephen Blunt sblunt at agsecorp.com
Tue Jun 22 19:30:02 EDT 2004

It has only been about 15 years but I have finally managed to backup all my
old coco tapes. I have a lot that were distributed by Computer Hut in
Queensland, Australia and I haven't seen copies of them on the internet or
even in the old Tandy catalog.

The only loss so far have been the tapes that I created from typed in
programs from the good old magazines.

My disks seem to have suffered quite a lot from bit rot but I managed to get
most of what I wanted. The only exception is of course Sands of Egypt as is
copy protected, but I might try the FD-501-drive-in-a-pc trick along with
Anadisk. I doubt it will work but it is my only hope of preserving it.

Suggestions and encouragement is most welcome

Stephen Blunt

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