[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Building an embedded OS9 system from CoCo OS9

jimcox at miba51.com jimcox at miba51.com
Tue Jun 22 19:00:05 EDT 2004

While I agree with Bruces reply to Mike that the PIC would 
be cheaper and is better supported, it might not be as 
much fun for Mike.

As for embedded systems, wouldn't all the 6809 based 
arcade systems count?  Is there online documentation for 
those systems, and if so, could information be gathered 
from them?
I'm not suggesting that a person copy the boards (wouldn't 
be of any use for mobile applications any ways) but you 
could get some ideas from them.  I know of one person I 
referred to this list that was developing a VHDL version 
of the 6809 for a HAM application.  I don't think he was 
prepared to market the chip or boards due to time 


On Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:17:39 -0400
  "Bruce Calkins" <bcalkins at disaster-relief.net> wrote:
>> Has anyone here built an embedded system based on a 
>Not I.  I have simply used a CoCo for what little I've 
>> It would be nice to run OS9 on these things,
>The CoCo ROM can be replaced with a OS-9 boot ROM. 
> Cloud-9 sells the
>software kits.  You will have to acquire the hardware and 
>do the
>interfacing.  So far the CoCo 1, early American CoCo 2 
>and first Korean CoCo
>2 with 2 8k ROMs are not "really" supported.  (The CoCo 
>2"A" and "B" models
>use a 27128 compatible ROM.)
>> I have OS9 and tons of CoCos... Would it make sense to 
>>build some sort
>> of OS9 boot rom and perhaps run a system based on a RAM 
>That makes sense to me.
>> Maybe there's someone in the group who can point me to 
>>the right
>> resource(s)
>Cost and time wise? I'm inclined to suggest the 
>Micro-Stamp/PIC line of
>equipment as a cheaper and better supported line.
>Bruce W.
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