[Coco] Looking for CoCo links for my site.

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Tue Jun 22 16:54:35 EDT 2004

At 11:01 AM 6/22/2004, you wrote:
>jimcox at miba51.com wrote:
>>I don't want to cause a major breach of netiquette by just going off and 
>>posting links to everyone's pages on my site, so I thought it would be 
>>best to ask for approval first.
>>If you would like me to post a link to your CoCo related site, please 
>>drop me  a line.  Until I learn a little more about frames, my site will 
>>look a little lame, but I am working on it.  Cheers!

Posting HTML hyperlinks is a form of pointing people to somebody else's 
site, and there is no "netiquette" involved there as long as you don't 
throw in your views and opinions about such links that are aimed to hurt 
that organization.  Put all the links you want.

Also, if you're going to strip the graphics from another site and use them 
in your own site, at least inform somebody or be ready to remove them if 
somebody has an issue.  Years back, I made the mistake of taking a small 
graphic of a CoCo 3 which I thought was rendered by SockMaster, and I threw 
it somewhere on my site, only to find out that it was made by Jim 
Davis.  It was removed right away at his request.  I later used Sock's CoCo 
rendering with his quick and kind permission.  I've seen this on other 
sites as well.  I'm sure everybody got his permission to use the graphic.

Roger Taylor

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