[Coco] Looking for CoCo links for my site.

Robert Emery theother_bob at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 22 15:26:42 EDT 2004

> If you would like me to post a link to your CoCo related 
> site, please drop me  a line.  Until I learn a little more 
> about frames, my site will look a little lame, but I am 
> working on it.  Cheers!
Hi Jim,
add my link (below my sig.) If you want, feel free to copy my
html for the frames part (study it or "borrow" it, whatever).
There's some style, just add substance. 

BTW, Color FOG v1.0 is just days away now, unless I find a
major bug or something. This release will be an installation
disk which will select and install the appropriate version
for HDB-DOS or DECB1.1. Error handling is improving, more
bells and whistles have been added, all in all I think it
will be really bitchin'. ;-)

Bob Emery

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