[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Building an embedded OS9 system from CoCo OS9

Wesley Lucas weasel80_99 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 22 06:51:11 EDT 2004

Hi mike,

this is only my opinion,

i have heard of many reports of 6x09 embedded systems using OS9 in a boot rom.
There are special compilers that may be still available from Microware (what are they called now anyway) to accomplish this rommable code...

as little as 16k for some systems for kernel and bare neccesities drivers etc (even less without display drivers). the rest can come from a ramdisk, ide compactflash ( very new product for coco)or HDD cd rom(scsi). really there are hundreds of options. but consider this. m6809 & h6309 = hard to find....
you could use latice / vlsi  and or x86 emu but this is very expensive. i would suggect pic microprocessor tech for speed and cost effectiveness.

all in all the for the 6x09 option you really cant go past OS9 and even Nitros9 for an embedded control OS it was arguably designd for this type of application.
the kernel's infrastructure allows for pipes, interupts, timeshare multitasking, PID, UID, multiuser, Network the list goes on and on and is still being expanded with ongiong dev from many long time users of OS9, but as for speed it lacks what can be done with modern Microprocessors using even embedded BASIC (AGRUABLY!)

I dont have any links but google for Nitros9 ,   OS9 embedded,  look at ftp://www.rtsi.com/OS9/ (loads of os9 and rs dos stuff.)     

I still love my coco's even though i don't have one anymore i still emu like a mad man....

Fav Gam ... Phantom Slayer.
Hated game... Time lord ??? is this title correct or is it (time bandit).. anyway i found it a bit too challenging and unobjective (no offence to the author)

a young coco user who has shamefully retired to Emu on a Athlon 2800+ 1gig blah blah blah dont u just hate people who brag about thier INTEL boxes.......
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  Subject: [Color Computer] Building an embedded OS9 system from CoCo OS9

  Has anyone here built an embedded system based on a 6809?

  I'm building some single board computers that are basically the reference
  design from the 6883 data sheet (essentially a CoCo, but without the

  It would be nice to run OS9 on these things, but I'm not sure if it's even

  I have OS9 and tons of CoCos... Would it make sense to build some sort of
  OS9 boot rom and perhaps run a system based on a RAM disk?

  Maybe there's someone in the group who can point me to the right resource(s)



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