[Coco] Re: Hard Drive Problems

Rodney V Hamilton Rodney_Hamilton at GBRonline.com
Tue Jun 15 03:01:13 EDT 2004

In article <20040614.225450.1604.0.elderpav at juno.com>, 
elderpav at juno.com says...
>Now, if I can only get the downloaded NitrOS-9 boot disks to work...
>That's still a problem.
>Fred Provoncha

Fred, try this:
[1] make a floppy from a NitrOS-9 image file
[2] read the floppy back to a new image file
[3] do a binary compare of the old & new images

If they match, the floppy itself is probably OK
and you can move on to figuring out why the coco
doesn't seem to read it correctly.  If not, your
coco and PC disk drives may have mutual alignment
issues, or your version of Windoze might not let
you write the mbr sector or even 256-byte sectors.

Can your PC read a disk created on your coco?

Just throwing darts blindfolded...

Rodney Hamilton
"I've been pressing my help key for two hours now and nobody's arrived yet."

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