[Coco] Re: Repacking

Robert Emery theother_bob at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 00:02:31 EDT 2004

--- "Richard E. Crislip" <rcrislip at neo.rr.com> wrote:
> Hello Robert
> > 
> > What size drive bays are needed for the syquest and the HD?
> > ''   ''   ''    '' for floppy drives?
> > 
> The Syquest unit is an external model. I suppose it can be repacked. 
Whatever works for you. Do you need the portability? You may need the bay for
something else. Does it use a wall-wart for power that you'd like to eliminate?
Are the drives on separate cables? This is SCSI, correct?

> > Do you ever unplug the HD or FD controller(s)?
> > How many MPI slots need to be externally accessible?
> >
> No I don't unplug those two controllers as a general rule.

So would you need more than one externally available MPI slot?
One can widen a 3.5" drive bay by about 1/4 inch to accommodate a CoCo
cartridge. One idea is to use a 5.25" bay adapter (for a 3.5" floppy drive) to
make a cartridge slot.

Draw me a front panel layout of the PC case with your drives in the positions
you'd like them. A basic text redition is fine, or feel free to email an
attachment of whatever you can throw together.

Also, is the monitor cable a custom one-piece cable? No intermediate adapters
or anything?


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