[Coco] Hard Drive Problems

Frederick D Provoncha elderpav at juno.com
Fri Jun 11 00:26:45 EDT 2004


> SCSIcmds is a utility that came with SuperSCSI. It allows you to 
> send
> commands/get responses from the SCSI bus.

Since I don't have SuperSCSI, I guess I don't have SCSIcmds.

> So the boot floppy that came with your system hangs the hard drive 
> after
> you boot from the floppy? Or the disk you created hangs the hard
> drive/system after you boot from floppy?

More accurately, the COMPUTER hangs when it tries accessing the hard
drive (for example, when it tries booting NitrOS-9 from the hard drive,
or when, after booting from a floppy, I type 'DIR /h0' or 'DCHECK /h0').
The boot floppy I've mentioned didn't come with the system. I created it
myself using the 'make_rgbboot' script that I found on the hard drive. 

> Are you mixing distributions? If so, not a good idea. 

No, I'm not mixing distributions. Everything I have is NitrOS-9 ver. 2.0.
I was planning on installing ver. 3.xx when the hard drive (or at least
the NitrOS partition of it) ceased to work.

> Need to take the
> disks place them in the /dd/nitros9/ver03xxyy directory. Run the 
> scripts
> with your proper bootlist modules. Then copy the files from the
> distrubution disk's CMDS directory to the /dd/cmds directory.

It sounds like you're describing copying the files to my hard drive,
which doesn't work.

Any other ideas? Thanks for your help so far.


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