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Charlie chazbeenhad at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 14:26:32 EDT 2004

--- In ColorComputer at yahoogroups.com, Robert Emery 
<theother_bob at y...> wrote:
> > > 
> > > Ham radio is facing the 'greying' of its ranks and I believe 
> > > other hobbies are the same.
> > > 
> > > Neil
> > Yeah well, You can't play Sinistar on a ham radio. :-p
> > 
> > The one thing about the COCO is it takes up a lot of desk space.
> > I've seen people but it all in a PC tower case. Thats really 
> > but I think I'd mess something up if I tried. :)
> > 
> > Charlie
> > 
> It's pretty easy Charlie. The hard part is figuring out how to 
bring out the
> rear connectors (for which I think my repack adapter is a great 
solution - put
> them in an old CDROM case which fits into a 5-1/4 drive bay) and 
the edge
> connector. An MPI can make it a lot more complicated and you have 
to find the
> right case to allow cartridge access. I like how mine turned out.
> It all started for me back in '86 when I got fed up with the mass 
of wires and
> equipment for my CoCo1 setup (and I didn't even have an MPI). I had 
a fan
> installed already and decided to put my DCM-300 inside under the 
> Piece of cake... even the wall-wart fit in there and I added a 
power switch
> that turned it and the fan on together. I also added an internal 
> While I was there I decided to create a poor-man's Y-cable by 
soldering another
> edge-connector socket underneath the board. That let me use my 
Speech Pak and
> disk drive together for the first time. But I digress... 
> I'm curious how many folks out there would like to repack but just 
don't feel
> up to the hassle of hardware modification for whatever reason. 
Would anyone be
> willing to pay for repack services, adapters, or other custom 
> such as adding an internal floppy drive or joystick to their stock 
> Bob Emery
> http://www.geocities.com/theother_bob

Hi Bob. I saw the pics of your COCO mods over @ the COCO3.COM forums. 
Very neat.

I want to keep my COCO stock the way it is. Plus I do have an MPI, 
and big ol' burke & burke hdd controller and a full sized Seagate MFM 
hard drive! You might have looked at my setup in the pic I posted 
over @ the COCO3.COM forums.


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