[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: using Tandy FD drives in a PC

Charlie chazbeenhad at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 3 08:57:19 EDT 2004

--- In ColorComputer at yahoogroups.com, Robert Emery 
<theother_bob at y...> wrote:
> >   ----- Original Message ----- 
> >   From: Charlie 
> > 
> >   I could NOT get the FD-501 drive to work as drive B on any of 3 
> >   different PCs last night.
> > 
> >   1st of all, as it was with a 1.44 floppy on the ribbon cable 
> >   drives acted as A at the same time.
> > 
> > 
> >   Any tips on getting this 180K fd-501 disk to work on a PC?
> > 
> >   -Charlie
> --- sadolph <sadolph at m...> wrote:
> > There is a resistor network that needs to be uninstalled, on the 
b drive I
> > believe.
> > 
> > Also, you have to jumper the drive to be drive b.  there are 
usually markings
> > that identify which jumper it needs to be.
> > 
> If your cable allows it, try putting both drives on the same side 
of the twist
> (if you can't find the DS jumpers.) The terminating resistor 
network should be
> removed if it's not the last drive on the cable.
> Bob

Yesterday I did get the FD-501 drive working in a Asus A7a-266 mobo 
with an Athlon 900 cpu running DOS.

My FD-501 drive has no jumpers at all. There is a spot that says DS0 
DS1 DS2 DS3 but there are no jumper pins, the DS0 and DS1 are 
soldered together. Regardless, It was working as a single drive A. Of 
course I told the bios it was a 360K floppy, but I got no error and 
Anadisk was writing and reading from the drive just fine.

Still though, at the COCO the disks were no good. No DIR, nothing 
just IO errors. I took the FD-501 drive out of the PC and threw in 
one of the 360K drives I use on my COCO and got the same results.

So maybe it has to do with the disk controller on the mother board. 
Or, a combo of both .....

I guess I'll have to search around here at work for the oldest system 
I can find with a 486 or 386 cpu.


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