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I doubt this helps much, but I seem to recall that a CGA monitor would work with the CoCo 3, but wouldn't display all the colors. So it would be great for text, but would suck for games. There should be some TV/monitors that work with composite inputs as well as RGB. If they will sync at composite levels, I would think they would sync down to CoCo levels it you connect the RGB leads.  I know some of the LCD TV/monitors have composite and RGB inputs. 

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> Okay, we've touched on this with the VGA/RGB-A adapter discussion, but 
> ... I'd like to know if anyone knows of any monitor available I can go 
> buy that will work with the CoCo 3. 
> I am setting up my CoCo system for the first time since 1999 and my 
> monochrome composite monitor is dead, and the CM-8 is dying. 
> Allen 

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