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I repackaged a CoCo3 in a KayPro 4 case. Used the green monitor for a while, but it burned out wand was replaced with a composite amber monitor from a surplus store. That was much better than the TTL green monitor, and didn't need any conversion circuits. Used it mainly for mailing labels and taking to fests to demo software -- obviously not games due to the mono monitor. 

I used a DISTO Super Controller with a 4-n-1 board to replace the MPI. That made things a lot easier! IIRC the DISTO controller took up half the bottom drive bay (had two full height bays), and I had two 5.25" DS floppies and one 3.5" 720K floppy installed. I believe I had a small SCSI HD in there too, but never used it much. It's been to long ago now!! It was a real sweet thing to take to fests though. I modified the keyboard case to fit a CoCo keyboard on an extension cable. Almost wish I'd have kept that one because it would pack up so easily, but since I didn't have any plans to actually use it for anything thought it best to let someone else have fun with it. 

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> I plan a repack, but I can't yet decide between the Kaypro 16 or the 1st 
> gen Compaq portable to disembowel. (The TRS-80 4p is _not_ a 
> candidate, unless I find another one in better shape). 
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