[Coco] Re: Carl England's DEFEATER

Charlie chazbeenhad at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 08:43:41 EDT 2004

If it helps copy these old protected disks, I'll support it !
Good news.

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> I spoke with Carl at the CoCoFest and we talked about the Defeater a
> bit.  I am going to propose that we go back into low-cost production of
> Defeater copies (something cheap and reasonable) so Carl can use those
> funds to make sure he comes out to CoCoFest 25 next year in Chicago.
> At that time, we'll want to talk him into giving a seminar for Glenside
> about how to use it, and maybe even work with him between now and then
> on a way to give the program a fancier user interface (right now it's a
> real TOOL to use) and also incorporate some things that will enable it
> to make transferrable images for the CoCo emulator.
> Sounds like a plan!  Next week I'll see what I have left in stock.
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