[Coco] Virus 'IDP.Program.D1B0A5C0' Detected In'CocoDiskUtilityPack v1.0.10.Zip' During Install

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Fri Aug 3 15:36:18 EDT 2012

A lot of installers use "direct" modifications to the system, therefore causing anti-virus software to see false positives as they look for such mods. I see it all the time with audio software installation. For the most part I ignore most warnings when it's on a piece of software that I pretty much know is clean. A program writing things directly to the registry without going through windose will cause this. A good program to catch this is "SpyBot" as it monitors the registry and informs you of any changes and describes them and asks if you want to allow the change. Best of all... it's free. Just google "spybot"

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This post has gone viral on coco3.com. :(

So I searched for what was reported and found this page:

Six Easy Ways to Tell if a Virus Really is a Virus

You can submit the file to Virustotal to have it scanned by over 30
different malware scanners.

I uploaded CoCoDskUtil V1.1.10.zip and only one of the thirty found
anything, and it was NOT AVG!

So, no problem!


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>I downloaded the newest CocoDskUtilPack V 1.0.10.zip, unzipped it with


> and click setup. The latest version of AVG Internet Security 2012 found

> the

> 'IDP.Program.D1B0A5C0' virus. Could someone please double check this

> please? I tried installing V1.1.3, but all I got was a bunch of dialogs

> in

> Spanish. Unfortunately, I can't understand Spanish. Could someone check

> this out too? I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise. Thank a bunch.


> Kip


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