[Coco] Artifacting on LCD?

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Thu Apr 9 08:46:21 EDT 2009

Allen Huffman wrote:
> John,
> Do you recall the Mot evaluation board that the CoCo design was based 
> on? I think I read the reference platform was called the "Color Bug" 
> or something like that?
I wasn't aware that the coco was based on a eval board design.
My memory is that the Coco design (MOT part of the project) was managed
by a marketing Group in Phoenix working closely with Tandy.

The only VDG eval board that I am aware of was the "MicroChroma kit" board.
That came out of Austin. It was a Kit of major parts with a PCB. The PCB 
designed by the applications group (Tim Ahrens, Jack Brown, and Hunter 
I wrote the TVBUG monitor for it as a "after hours" project. (About 2/3 
of the
code for TVBUG,  I lifted from MIKBUG with the help of Mike Wiles - the 
of MIKBUG.....)

As an aside, does anyone know what a MicroChroma kit would be worth today?
(I still have one - unassembled - in the back of a closet somewhere. 
Payment for
a "G-job" project..(grin).........)

JohnDumas at austin.rr.com
> Later in life, when I went to work for Microware, I became aware of 
> Motorola reference boards and just what they were. I wonder if we 
> could ever track down one of the original 6809/VDG reference boards.
>         -- Allen
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