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Jeez, Frank.  I'd been misreading your .sig as refering to just have been "Motor", not "Motors".  Back during the first half of the 80s, both a Gremlin and a Pacer spent the last year or two of their useful lives (about 100,000 miles each year) carrying parts and tools for Tandy computers around the territory ranging between San Diego, Santa Barbara, Fresno and Baker (usually just LA County).  My ex was a Radio Shack Field Service Rep (coworker to Steve Bjork's lady) and she drove those things into the ground.  Both were passed to my ex sister-in-law and I have no idea as to their eventual fate, but Patty was a biker chick (well, she was a stripper and most of her real boyfriends were bikers), so there's a chance that those machines were restored backalong.

I'll be honest.  I never liked AMC vehicles.  They all tended to puke gas before the pump clicked off back when I was a pump jockey (through the year that included the first OPEC crisis and the most infamous AMC vehicles were brand new).  The worst was the Javelin.  The only worse vehicle for that was the International Scout.

I better get back on topic.  I'll go into the living room and play a game of Doubleback.  A shame I can't play it for money like in the old days.
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> > I've read your book :-) It was excellent -r
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> Thanks! Glad someone still appreciates all the work -- I'm sure others have as 
> well, of course!
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> >> Frank Hogg got into a bit of hot water promoting Flex over OS-9 way
> >> back when! <snip>
> >> I interviewed Frank Hogg for the book I wrote years ago
> >> and he still remembered all that!
>      I remember those articles (weren't they in his 64K Corner or whatever  
> editorial it was he did for CCN (Color Computer News)?
> We discussed it as well, once we joined the TC-9 development team. Hard to  
> believe he started (and I believe has returned to?) being a dentists  
> office. On a side note, Bill Sias (editor/publisher of CCN) has given  
> permission for scans of his magazines (inluding Forum 68, I think was his  
> other one) to be put on the web, no restrictions.
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> Frank Hogg printed articles on Flex vs. OS-9 in Rainbow also -- I remember 
> reading them there. He's ALWAYS been in the dental lab business -- making 
> dentures, crowns, and partial plates. The computer venture was a side business 
> made possible because the dental lab was sucessful. It was sort of like my hobby 
> magazine ventures ("the world of 68' micros" and "American Independent 
> Magazine", no retitled "American Motors Cars") -- as long as it didn't cost 
> money it was fine. He did make a bit at first, but as he got more heavily into 
> development and the PC started becoming way to cheap to compete with, the hobby 
> side busines started costing to much money and time. 

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