[Coco] Fedora 6 DVD ISO

Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Sun Apr 29 17:17:01 EDT 2007

On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 09:35:43PM +0100, Manney wrote:
> Frank Pittel wrote:
> >>I'm still amazed that Fedora is distributed as a DVD. I still remember 
> >>back in the RedHat 6 days of really only one CD (of a total of 3 CDs?).
> >
> >You can still get Fedora on cd's if you want. I'd rather download the dvd
> >then have to swap cd's. I also currently have 5 machines at home running
> >linux. I would rather download the software once and then install from the
> >single dvd then have all 5 machines trying to download the images 5 times.
> >
> >If you don't want to download the dvd you can buy one from cheapbytes.com 
> >for
> >less then $10.
> I was referring to the size of the standard install. The good thing 
> about a one CD install is that when it's done you have a workable system 
> off of a CD. No time wasted downloading 5 or 6 CDs or a DVD and then 
> getting to install (which may take more time because of the 3.3 Gb). 
> Orrrr, no time or money wasted waiting for CheapBytes (whom I've ordered 
> from before) to send you the disc. I don't care what distro you use, it 
> just makes more sense, IMHO. There's less of what you don't want and 
> less time to install. :)
> You're going to have to update and then install other packages once you 
> get a working system anyway, so why not go light?


We may just have to agree to disagree and be glad that with linux we each
have the choice of installing a distribution that we like. When I do an
installation on my workstation for example I like to install everything
and then go get a lot of the "extra" packages. On my file server I do about
the same. It isn't until I get to my firewall that I become very selective
about what to install. I have tried ubuntu and found that the single cd install
was missing far more software that I could do without. Oh well, to eash his own.


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