[Coco] Fedora 6 DVD ISO

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Sun Apr 29 13:28:32 EDT 2007

Frank Pittel wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 04:50:23PM +0100, Manney wrote:
>> Roger Taylor wrote:
>>> Gene, I just initiated the download for Fedora 6 i386, so there's just 9 
>>> hours and 45 minutes to go!  :)  Unless a fair use policy kicks in and 
>>> throws me down to dialup speed for a few hours.
>>> I'm sacraficing a day of network bandwidth for this download of Linux.  
>>> Looks like around 3.3 gb, so I hope the ISO contains every stinkin' 
>>> tool, compiler, feature, app, game, and driver, that is known to the 
>>> Fedora gang.  :)
>> Yikes! 3.3 Gig? Anyone know any other distro that makes you download a 
>> DVD's worth?
>> So far, I'm happy downloading a CD ISO (~700 Meg) for a Debian (Ubuntu 
>> specifically) based install. If something is missing from the install, I 
>> just grab (apt-get) it once the install is finished. Seems the easiest 
>> way to go for me and I get it in 30-45 minutes. :)
> I thought that with Ubuntu you installed the base os and then installed
> everything else over via the network install. Works alright for a single
> machine but not terribly practical for those of us with 4-5 machines.
Depends on what you mean by "everything else".  The base system is
pretty well appointed with end-user apps, and I usually don't have to
install a whole lot of extra stuff just to get a system up and running. 
More importantly, there isn't a whole lot of extra junk that gets
installed that I don't want.  With RedHat and Fedora I remember always
thinking, "Why the heck is it installing THAT?"  I do like the idea of
Fedora's... what is it called?  Is it "kickstart" where you can specify
a group of packages and use it to do a custom install to a bunch of

Something like that coupled with a very small, tight base install would
be ideal.  Come up with a base system that will fit on one of the mini
CDs, or a 256M flash drive.  Surely you can fit a kernel plus all the
command-line utils you could ever wish for in that amount of space. 
Then put all your selected packages on however many CD/DVD images you
need, and you can install that on all your systems.

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