[Coco] Fedora 6 DVD ISO

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Apr 29 11:13:57 EDT 2007

Gene, I just initiated the download for Fedora 6 i386, so there's 
just 9 hours and 45 minutes to go!  :)  Unless a fair use policy 
kicks in and throws me down to dialup speed for a few hours.

I'm sacraficing a day of network bandwidth for this download of 
Linux.  Looks like around 3.3 gb, so I hope the ISO contains every 
stinkin' tool, compiler, feature, app, game, and driver, that is 
known to the Fedora gang.  :)  I'm not likely to grab a new version 
for a long time, but I do hope this dampens the feedback I always get 
when I mention something like Red Hat 9.  And then there was my Red 
Hat 7 experiences.  I literally got e-mail bombed with people begging 
me to upgrade.  Hahah.  Ya gotta love the support, though, so 
hopefully this upgrade will be More than worth it, even for a little 
Linux dabbler like myself.

Roger Taylor

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