[Coco] CCASM minor enhancements?

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Tue Apr 24 23:28:50 EDT 2007


Since it looks like you're cracking open your tools to run on Linux, I was 
wondering if you'd consider making a couple of very minor enhancements to 
CCASM (and back-port to windows as well).

Currently I'm producing a (rather large) assembly source file using IDA 
(Interactive Disassembler). I've found the closest match to CCASM 
compatibility is what IDA describes as "Public Domain 6809 Assembler v2.01 
(OS9 support)".

This produces a listing with only two incompatibilities with CCASM...

* It can generate labels on empty lines (no instructions)
eg.	label_1
		lda	#$42

* It uses spaces after each comma on "fcb" lines.
eg.		fcb	0, 1, 2, 3

I've written a small C-program to post-process the assembly output, which 
simply adds "equ *" to the end of the empty label lines, and removes the 
spaces from the fcb lines.

However, it'd be great if at some stage CCASM could be updated to eliminate 
this extra processing step. It would have the added bonus of increasing 
compatibility with the "public domain 6809 assembler v2.01" - whatever that is.

I do understand that these incompatibilities are mainly due to the fact that 
CCASM uses white spaces to delimit fields on each line.


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