[Coco] Linux box needs ethernet connection to router/web/LAN

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Tue Apr 24 13:26:43 EDT 2007

At 04:19 AM 4/24/2007, you wrote:
>Manney wrote:
>I'm getting really pissed off with this thing now! (No comments 
>about Thunderbird, please! ;) )

Thunderbird is now fried chicken at my house.  I gave it a chance for 
2 whole weeks, and it failed.  Sorry guys.  I don't need the 
continuous pop up windows warning me about e-mail certificates, when 
I've never seen this using Eudora, Windows Mail (Vista), Outlook, or 
Outlook Express.  I couldn't get it to quit.  Another pop up that 
refused to quit is the one that asks if I want the bird to be my 
default e-mail client.  I told it yes about 20 times a day for 2 
weeks and told it not to ask me again, but guess what? :)  And no, I 
didn't run another client during this time, and yes, I told it not to 
ask me again.  :)

It also takes longer to send an e-mail from Thunderbird than any 
other e-mailer I've got, so it just doesn't match up yet to what I 
expect, so I'll try again next year maybe.  But in one year Microsoft 
jumps about 2 years ahead in time from the guys who are trying to 
clone their popular tools, so gooooood luck!

Roger Taylor

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