[Coco] Linux box needs ethernet connection to router/web/LAN

Manney mannslists at invigorated.org
Tue Apr 24 05:16:12 EDT 2007

Manney wrote:

> Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04), which was just released, had good support
> for wireless but it depends on which wireless card you're (<-- ACK
> SPELLING!) using as well. (This goes for any distro.) All I had to do
> with my unsupported card is install Ndiswrapper + the Winders driver
> and then Network Manager worked. With Edgy Eft (Ubuntu 6.10), I had
> to do the Ndiswrapper stuff /and/ compile Network Manager, which was
> a royal pain in the arse.
> Although it was setup by the install script, I don't have that line
> in my /etc/hosts. The relevant part of my script reads:
>> mannequin at emil:~$ cat /etc/hosts
>>       localhost 
>>       emil ...
> 'emil' being my laptop's name.

Hopefully, I corrected the stupid way this was formatted. It looked 
right when I sent it, but it was wrong when I got it from the list. Sorry.


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