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I see what I believe may be some potential problems with the schematic
but before I go and make a fool of myself, I am going to go fetch the
data sheet for the sram and examine the gime memory timings. I'll get
back to you in a few hours. -rob

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> Yes, Mr. Merchberger host it for we at this address:
> http://zmerch.30below.com/coco/coco3sram.pdf Thank you again Mr.
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> at Malted Media IIRC there were some level problems in your circuit. I
> think you posted a .jpg of it. I looked at it quickly. Don't totally
> remember. Working other designs and sometimes they all run together.
> Heck maybe it was my levels that were off.... :) Mark Quoting
> coco at yourdvd.net: > What 512k static ram are you using? the first to
> hit the scene were > semistatic requiring something like an 8ms?
> refresh or so (these were > hitachi). The current ones are fully
> static. The 4464 used in the 128k > machine use a bidirectional i/o
> line like the static rams. The 41256 > has a seperate din and dout
> line but these are shorted together in the > coco 3 memory circuit.
> did you account for the 256k bank switch? > > if all else fails you
> can make one of these: >
> ftp://ftp.maltedmedia.com/coco/TUTORIALS/How_To_Upgrade_To_512k_Without_A_Commercial_Memory_Board.zip
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