[Coco] CoCo3.com RSS News feed

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sat Apr 21 03:13:51 EDT 2007

I wanted to throw in my reminder as well that RSS news is built into the 
CoCo3.com system and has been available for almost a month.  The RSS 
link is at the bottom of each page.  It's called backend.php which 
generates the XML on-the-fly.  You should get up to 20 CoCo3.com news 
"headlines", which at our site we'll just call them "new articles" since 
there's not really any major earthbreaking headlines like CNN has.  :)

>>> Roger
>> FYI, my news reader (Bloglines.com) has no problems with the RSS feed.
> Opera 9.2 and Safari on the Mac don't either (although Opera tries to 
> use the GUID line as an actual link).
> --L. Curtis Boyle

Ok, it was the news titles that were throwing me off.  I can actually 
syndicate your feed to show up in CoCo3.com's sidebars, and when I 
viewed your feed, I saw two brief links saying "site update" which 
didn't make sense at first, but I see now that those are your 
headlines.  :) 

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