[Coco] Big Blue Thermal Printer

coco at yourdvd.net coco at yourdvd.net
Fri Apr 20 14:21:12 EDT 2007

I just bought a Big Blue Thermal printer 0ff of eBay. Now I had one of
these a long time ago and it had a weird serial connector such as I
think was used on the pcjr. Now it vanished along with my coco stuff
some time ago. However, I was elated to find another, brand new in the
box for 85 cents plus $9 shipping. It uses fax paper and is ibm graphic
printer compatible. this is only the second one i've ever seen on ebay.
however, this one has a db-25 connector apparently made for someone
other than the one for the pcjr, even though it's the same printer. it
is 1200 baud serial. Does anyone still sell coco 4 pin to db-25
connectors? this thing is a massive 1200 baud. I'll never have to buy
ink - yeah! anyway, if i have to i can make the cable. in the meantime,
i am just going to plug it into my deluxe rs-232 program pak and write a
routine to intercept the printer ram hook. this should do nicely, but
i'd rather hook it to the coco's bitbanger. -r

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