[Coco] Important Message to --> MARK MCDOUGALL <---

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Thu Apr 19 19:58:46 EDT 2007

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> Back on topic, tho: Did *I* ever get my Rainbow registration 
> straightened out with you yet? I can't remember... ;-)
> Thanks,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger 

I'm not sure what you mean because it's hard to keep a mental record of 
each customer's correspondance.  However, I can see saved threads of 
ours dated back to 2005/2006 and will probably have the info you need if 
you tell me what I'm looking for.  :)

If you need your Portal-9 or Rainbow IDE key re-emailed to you, that's 
no problem at all.  E-mail me in private if you need to work out 
registration issues like this.

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