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  The "Appliance Modules" I have are quite loud. Especially when I live a 
VERY quiet life. That CLACK is quite noticeable and surprising..

 It always surprises me.

....read on.....

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From: "Gene Heskett"

> On Wednesday 18 April 2007, Diego Barizo wrote:
>>I have an appliance module that I got at the Shack last year
>>I never used it to much, because the loud "CLACK" sound when it turns on
>>and off.
>>Is that expected, or it's just a prof of the product's poor quality ?
> The 'appliance modules' I have are all built with mechanical relays so 
> that
> they have solid metal contacts.  The solid state lamp dimmers allow more
> current in one direction than the other, and if this were fed to a 
> magnetic
> device, the unbalanced DC through it would probably obey ohms law and 
> build
> up to destructive levels, killing either the dimmer, or the power 
> transformer
> type devices in the load being controlled.
> So the click is un-avoidable, but I've never noticed it as something that
> might wake me up in the night either.


 I tried a lamp controller on a relay...... NOT!

 It didn't break the controller, but it didn't work until I paralleled a 
light bulb to the relay, so it would keep current in both halves of the A/C 
cycle and dampen the "turn off" trigger on the scr.

 Bummer, but the lamp was in the water heater closet so, it helped the 

 Conserve, re-use, recycle.

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