[Coco] Appliance and Light Controller

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Wed Apr 18 22:35:36 EDT 2007


  I'm dying to know(if you can remember) what sort of stuff this includes.

 You see, I need something like an ACIA.dr driver that will TX and RX via 
the cassette port using FSK as the TRS-80 Color Computer Appliance and Light 
Controller 26-3142 does.
 I could define it as /X10.dd and run from there.

 I'm wondering if your driver can handle an interrupt from another X10 
device that will send data when it receives an input, such and an X10 motion 
detector. This would be the cat's meow for the coco to do what the PCs are 
doing now.
 X10 is slow. The coco is faster. So, a coco with OS9 can do what an 
embedded computer is supposed to do in this sort of application.

 In security systems that use cameras, the coco can still do that because 
the video and audio(if audio is needed) are switched and transmitted 
externally. The coco would not have to process anything except to just turn 
stuff on and off.

 For me, this is the first thing in recent years  for the coco/OS9 that has 
me VERY excited !!!

 If it does become a reality.


>> Questions:
>> Has anyone developed OS9/NOS9 software for this thing?
>> /Chester
> Yes, I have some.  It is currently in limbo.  Hopefuly I can get a 486 
> going once school gets out and get it transfered.
> Bruce W. 

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