[Coco] Appliance and Light Controller

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The two I'm aware of are www.x10.com and www.smarthome.com
A Google of X10 will reveal more than you wanted to find.

I use X10 modules to turn my water heater on and off at certain times, my 
porch light and a couple of other things.

With an OS9 driver, I can use X10 stuff to control things I've only dreamed 
of in recent years.

I have two RS controller/timer units. One is programmed and the other is 
mounted by my front door so I can use the buttons. The programmed unit sits 
next to one of my cocos in my darkroom and it has a battery in it. I check 
the battery often.


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> People,
> Does anybody know where I can get the appliance
> modules for this  thing.   If not does anybody out there
> want to sell me a couple of  them?
> I tried the "Rat Shack"  and had no luck  there...
> thanks
> Roy
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