[Coco] OffTopic: For Sale, Icom 746 & Linear PS

Roger Merchberger zmerch-coco at 30below.com
Tue Apr 17 14:13:24 EDT 2007

Of course, all replies offlist.

Roger needs a new AT keyboard converter to finish his CoCo repack... (and a 
newer laptop) and there's a lot of Ham Radio enthusiasts here, so I 
apologize for the offtopicness of the forsale, and if I've done bad things, 
slap me in the face with a frozen mackerel... but hey... at least it's not 
a linux distro advocacy thread!

I haven't used my Icom 746 in a few years, so I'm going to sell it.

$750 + shipping (your choice of USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL) from 49783 (I can 
have the weight available for anyone interested this evening - it's already 
packed up) - It's super-clean, no scratches on the faceplate or finish 
(well, except around the screws, but that's to be expected) No dust or 
anything on the inside - and it does have 2 installed crystals (of the six 
max.) a CFK455K-5 DSP filter, and an Icom FL-272 9Mhz/2.4KHz SSB filter.

I'm also selling the 35A 12V *linear* power supply that will run this and 
much more - also super clean, only used a few times - it's a Victory PS35 - 
$80 + shipping.

I have pictures here - they're unsorted, but they're named fairly aptly:


As the directory name suggests, if I have no takers, they'll be on ePay 
next Sunday. The *cheapest* 746 sold on ePay lately was for $760, and that 
was with inflated shipping. ;-)

I apologize for the pictures - I've had "depth of field issues" with my 
Nikon D70 in the past, so I was tinkering with the settings - these are 
around 1-second exposures with natural light at maximum aperture. I had a 
tripod, but the long exposure time still didn't do me any favors with 
sharpness, but hey - at least the DOF is better!!! ;-) I'd be happy to 
provide better pictures on request.

Again, thanks for not lynching me (yet) and all responses offlist.

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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