[Coco] Appliance and Light Controller

Chester A Patterson vchester at setec-cr.com
Tue Apr 17 13:44:59 EDT 2007

Hi. I today received one TRS-80 Color Computer Appliance and Light
Controller 26-3142
It comes with a ROMPAK. The instructions say it requires a 16k Coco. No
disk I/O whatsoever.
Has anyone developed OS9/NOS9 software for this thing?
Transferring the ROMPAK to disk should be no problem. But can the ROMPAK
software be run under ADOS (from disk) or HDB-DOS (eg. Loaded from one
of the 4 "ROM" banks in a Cloud9 IDE controller)? I would imagine not
due to the loading/exec address', I/O, etc.
I wish I still had my old Disk EDTASM...

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