[Coco] 6809 still being used in modern electronics

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Mon Apr 16 13:25:12 EDT 2007

I believe the progression was 

MC6800 ==> MC6801/3  ==> MC6811 ==> MC68HC11 ==> HC12
MC6800 ==> MC6809 and then this branch dies here. 

The MC6800 gave birth to two lines, the MC6809 and then a linage that 
progressed to the MC6801/3 and then to the MC6811/MC68HC11. 

The MC68HC11 linage does incorparate the same basic instruction core logic that 
was the MC6800. The MC6811/HC11 does incorparate a feature that first was 
used on the MC6809. That is the instruction modifier feature. On the MC6809 that 
byte is $01 and $10. Often called the "instrruction prebyte" For the HC11 the 
instruction modifier bytes are $18, $1A and $CD. Also the MC6801/3 has an 
expanded programming model from its predicessor the MC6800. It also integrates  
the first sets of functions that are later expanded in the HC11 series. 


On 16 Apr 2007 at 10:58, Clubbbs at aol.com wrote:

> I was programing the grandchild of the 6809 for Motorola last in 2002
> when  I retired after 37 years. The 6809 evolved to the 68CH11 -- used
> in Motorola's  communications gear - Saber, Cosmos and Spectra digital
> radios for State and  Federal government. 
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