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Good Luck and Best wishes to you - I really enjoyed my time in
electronics school. You've got me thinking about going back - I need a
refresher course.  -r

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> Subject: Re: [Coco] Super Disk; was: Help floppy drive
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> Date: Sat, April 14, 2007 4:46 am
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> Laser Tracked is possible; one side of the head had around 50% more
> lines going to it from the circuit board. That may be the side I could
> not see. I'll have to make a mirror on a wire this summer to look at
> it. (I put it back together and back in storage.) The devices are
> neat, it is the math that I am having to much fun with. My last formal
> math class was High School Algebra in '69-'70. Jumping into College
> level math now, is somewhat like trying to get a drink from a fire
> hydrant. Bruce W. >I remember going through all that wonderful stuff
> on FETS and OP-AMPS > when I attented school - it was actually fun. >
> I believe the superdisk is an optically (laser) tracked medium - the >
> 120mb disk uses a laser to track the head when in 120mb mode, or so >
> i've read... -r > >> >> There was no physically evident second head
> (or pair of heads) inside. >> There were two elements on the face of
> the head I could see without >> destructively disassembling the unit.
> (Speculation) The two elements >> might be for the two disk formats. I
> could not see anything I could >> identify as a laser. (But, do I
> really know what to look for?) The >> media has a semi-rough texture,
> like a micro-waffle grid. I'll take >> another look and perhaps try it
> out sometime during summer break. As >> challenging to understand as
> the chapter on FETs was the details of >> OpAmps promises to equal or
> exceed. Finals start in 17 calendar days, >> just 6 class & two lab
> days. Bruce W. > > Try swapping a 120mb disk >> and 1.44mb disk to see
> if, as I had suspected, > there > is a head >> element swap to
> accommodate the two different media. Maybe > there > >> is a laser in
> there as well...(?) -ph -- Coco mailing list >> Coco at maltedmedia.com
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