[Coco] Fw: Help floppy drive

Manney mannslists at invigorated.org
Sat Apr 14 07:36:04 EDT 2007

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 14 April 2007, Mannequin* wrote:
>>>> [OT] Is it me or are my messages getting eaten? [/OT]
>>> I did get a previous send of this... so maybe it is just you?
>> Yeah, I think it's me. I changed my email address for the list to a
>> gmail account. Little did I know that gmail likes to not give me the
>> mail I've sent to the list. :P
>> I've switched back to my old email address so I can see what I wrote for
>> topic completeness.
> Doesn't your email agent have a 'sent-mail' folder?  

Yeah, it does. But I've asked the list software to send my posts to the
list to me along with everyone else's posts. This way it's easier for
myself to follow the flow of the conversation. I forget what I've
written easily. ;)

> KMail does. I note that either the list-server is stripping it, or
> your email agent doesn't identify itself, so I've NDI which one you
> are using.

I'm using Thunderbird.


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