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PaulH96636 at aol.com PaulH96636 at aol.com
Fri Apr 13 17:08:14 EDT 2007

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brucewcalkins at charter.net writes
[Rooting through my incomming computer junk pile I found a Parallel Port  
Super Disk Drive, 120MB.  The Instalation Guide says "CAUTION Avoid  Laser 

Inside the case it appears that the drive has a IDE to Parallel  convererter 
board.  The drive itself has the  IDE standard MA, SL  & CS jumpers.  Popping 
the cover off reveals a single double head  set that looks a lot like a 
double eliment floppy head  eliment.]

Try swapping a 120mb disk and 1.44mb disk to see if, as I had suspected,  
is a head element swap to accommodate the two different media.  Maybe  there
is a laser in there as well...(?)        -ph

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