[Coco] ML Disk I/O examples?

David Roper dave at ebonhost.com
Fri Apr 13 09:48:20 EDT 2007


If you do happen to reinvent the wheel, can you share your new-found 
knowledge with me? I'll be simply trying to read the contents of a 
binary file into memory at a specific location

Kind Regards,

David Roper

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Mark McDougall wrote:
> Robert Gault wrote:
>> The best examples with line by line comments will be found in the 
>> Unravelled series. A search of the Web will find several sites.
>> http://www.coco3.com/unravalled/disk-basic-unravelled.pdf
> Thanks Robert, but I actually started with exactly this document. 
> There's a very brief description of a few 'routines' such as File 
> Open, but it's fleeting at best. And nothing to actually read a record 
> that I could see at first glance?!? I stumbled across DSKCON in 
> Pac-dude, which Unwravelled doesn't even bother describing.
> If I had the inclination, I'm certainly capable of 'learning the 
> fundamentals', or rather, learning the peculiarities of Coco RSDOS - 
> I've a couple of decades experience with device-level I/O on 
> everything from 8-bit micros to Linux/XP - it's just that I'd rather 
> copy an example and get onto the real job at hand. After all, I'm just 
> trying to read a binary file into memory - I'm sure that's been done 
> hundreds of times.
> I'm guessing from this thread that things aren't as cut-and-dry in 
> DECB/RSDOS as other platforms? It's pretty straightforward for 
> example, in TRS-80 Model I/III NEWDOS/80, to do file I/O from ML - the 
> interface is well documented and when I had to do similar a year or 2 
> back, it took me about 10 mins to get it right...
> Oh well, I guess I'll have to spend a night "re-inventing the wheel" 
> as David suggested. At least I will learn something along the way...
> I'll check out your Mlfinder Robert - thanks!
> Regards,

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