[Coco] ML Disk I/O examples?

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That dilemma is part of the reason Tandy developed the crappy r. Kilgus
color trs-dos, which was intended to be a standardised set of disk i/o
routines that would function regardless of what version of Disk BASIC
or OTHER company DISK BASIC that you had. However, many of the
aftermarket Disk BASICs were BASED on DECB 1.0, so using unravelled
series, if you make it compatible with both 1.0 and 1.1 DECB, it should
work with MOST (but not all) aftermarket Disk BASICs as well (I am
reluctant to call Disk BASIC ''DOS'') -r
I have a routine I wrote in the early 90's to replace the Color TRS-DOS
calls, but it'll take some digging in the shed - if I find it I'll
upload it to the ftp.

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> Mark McDougall wrote: > Hi, > > Can anyone please point me to some
> "nice" examples of assembler disk I/O? > I simply need to open a
> series of (binary) files and read then into memory. > Target is Coco
> 3. > > The only examples I've seen are from the "Portal-9 Source Pack"
> and > there's scarcely a comment in the entire collection of listings!
> > Pac-dude is using DSKCON and it makes my head hurt. > > Surely
> there's _commented_ examples around that use disk basic ROM > routines
> to open and read files??? Or is it really that painful on the > Coco?
> > > TIA > Regards, > The best examples with line by line comments will
> be found in the Unravelled series. A search of the Web will find
> several sites.
> http://www.coco3.com/unravalled/disk-basic-unravelled.pdf -- Coco
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