[Coco] OS-9 Extensiable Kernel (Was: Brother Jeremy's OS-9 Level 3 (are you out there, Jeremy?))

jdaggett at gate.net jdaggett at gate.net
Fri Apr 13 07:54:47 EDT 2007

On 12 Apr 2007 at 20:03, tim lindner wrote:

> <jdaggett at gate.net> wrote:
> > I thought the original beauty of OS9 is that expansion of the kernal
> > can be done with modules like OS9P3, P4,... PX.  If they don't work
> > then you just delete the file and you don't have to rebuild the
> > whole kernal.
> The only flaw in the design was that the names of ther kernels were
> hard coded. So removing something in the middle of the chain required
> patching.
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> tim lindner
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Still a work around that is to pull out the offending file in the chain and rename 
the rest of the chain. Still I like the fact that the kernal can be modified without 
recompiling the whole thing. 


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