[Coco] Brother Jeremy's OS-9 Level 3 (are you out there, Jeremy?)

Leon Howell puritan_2076 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 12 12:39:52 EDT 2007

  Does anyone know Brother Jeremy's real email address? I have emailed hin 
many times about his OS-9 level 3 upgrade and never heard from him.

  What is OS-9 Level 3?

  According to the 1996 CoCoFest issue of CoCo-123, he showed a version of OS-
9 at that year's CoCoFest that had "Resizeable Windows that could be moved 
anywhere on the screen and shrunk down to an icon". Is that OS-9 Level 3? 
Whatever it is, I want a copy.

  If I can't contact Jeremy, is there some one else I can get it from?

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